Pet Portraits in Gosport

If you love your pet so much you just want to celebrate them every day then a pet portrait in Gosport could be for you. Pet portraits are just the must-have gift for any pet owner in Gosport. No matter what your pet is it dog, cat, bird, fish, lizard or anything else we can draw this for.

How to order

To order your pet portrait is simple, the easiest way is to upload your photo to our website or alternatively email it Then you can simply pay on our website for your drawing. In just a couple of weeks, we will email you and you can either pop in-store and pick up or we can deliver locally.

How big are they?

We usually draw on A4 sized high-quality paper which looks -really impressive when framed. They are drawn using colour pencils and the detail involved in these pieces of art are just incredible.

How much are they?

For the hours of work involved in producing these drawings we only charge £40 per pet. This we feel is adequate enough for us to provide high-quality service and still give you MASSIVE value for money. It's important to add that these drawings are originals so you will see the hard work involved in them.

Can they be framed?

Yes, they sure can in fact just add £10 to your order and where do all the hard work for you!